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Im so happy rite now....:D

 Been wanting to appriciate all the hard work Fan subbing communities do...and Tonight My membership request got accepted by stormy subs team....^_^...I could just jump up and down....:D...

Happy Birth Day Tessi..<3


Lost and Found

Quoted from: http://www.time.com/time/picturesoftheweek/0,29409,1837....0.html

© Copyright: see author in the original source of this image. [?]

A rainy night and I can see no light,
An unexpected call I can sense something is not right.
I can hear it in your voice,
The things you don't say because you are too nice.
Sometimes I feel so cold and numb,
I wish I could just let you get me out of my slump.
Yet for some reason I stand alone,
On this road to life all on my own.

The Dead Flicker of hope

Gone it is without my knowledge,
By the time I realized you drove me over the edge.
Sweet were your words to me,
Yet it was just an illusion.
Why did I go on believing the lies,
Letting you keep me in a state of delusion.
Long were the nights I waited to be in your arms,
Longer were the days I passed for you
Thinking that there would be no harm.
Let me be now I'm through crying,
We shall walk separate roads till the time we are dying.

Written one night in candle light.
By Nooha


Writer's Block: High notes

If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

Only One Genre is something I could never stick to. But if I had to choose  I think I would go with Rock Music, which has got so many separate classifications of its own...No Music No Life.....

The Place I want to call home...

The place I want to call home
From the bottom of my heart and soul
With the innocence of a young girls love
My thoughts filled with your memories
Is that place where ever you are
For I'll find peace only in your arms

The place I want to call home
Do you know is just only with you
Give me a promise written in a golden leaf
I'd make you my yesterday, today and tomorrow
Yet we'd both be free to do as we please
Such is the beauty of the place I'd call home.


September Twenty Eight

Before I knew it time has come

Before we had the chance to become one

Before I could show how I feel and what I would have done

Before the end of the this month it’s time for goodbye

Before I knew it time has come

Before the dawn of twenty ninth you would be gone

Before you even know how much I love you

Before I have the courage to show you the poem’s I wrote

Before I could be brave enough to let you know I would miss you

Before I am ready it’s time to say goodbye.

Nooha~With Love to someone who would Never Read This...


It’s a brand new day again

Today is a new day, yet my problems from yesterday Slipped in

I try hard to forget my role in all of the things that happened

But the guilt is stuck somewhere so deep that happiness does not reach

If only we could all forget and move on to tomorrow

Hoping what we left behind would not follow us on our journey

Deep within my heart I feel I know what regret is

It’s too painful to keep it all to myself I want to shout out to the world

Why do you talk about people behind their backs?

Why do you isolate the ones who might need your help?

Why do you ignore what you can see in front of you so clearly?

Who is the one that needs real protection?

Who is telling all the lies and fabricating the truth?

Who is the real victim in all your screaming?

I ask myself all these questions and try to draw a conclusion

The world is truly a cruel place and pain is part of our lives

Without pain and hardship there exists no true happiness.

By Shanoo


The Story of A Girl

There was a girl and there was this boy

She remembered everything about him

But wondered if he knew her at all

Every little thing he did for her

She buried it deep in her heart

Not knowing he would never be hers

This is my Story,

This is how it began

This is how it ended

Her feelings were never returned

She didn’t know this but it’s true

She knew what he was to her

He was a star brighter than the sun

If only she knew what was in his heart

It really wasn’t her

This girl still waits for his love

He is busy making his big dreams come true.

This is my Story

This is how it began

This is how it ended.

By Shanoo

This is the first time i wrote something this long i think.its written kinda like a song lyrics.
There is some truth in every writing and we put a part of us into what we write sometimes.......



In a Fantasy

The weather outside reflects what I feel

To the world it might seem I am safe

Inside a warm room with loving all around

But all that I see are rain clouds

All that I see is darkness

All that I know now is the emptiness

I long to leave this world behind

To find inner peace and who I am

I wish to be in a place where jealousy is only just a word

Where envy is not something they know

Life would be close to perfection in such a reality

Maybe this is why we prefer to be in a fantasy.